The O'ahu Invasive Species Committee offers volunteer service trips on the second Saturday of every month at Lyon Arboretum in Manoa Valley from 9:00am-2:00pm.

Learn about invasive species and help prevent the newest, baddest weeds from damaging O'ahu’s unique native ecosystems of plants and animals and the important resources they provide. Join OISC in partnership with Lyon Arboretum in an ongoing effort to remove selected, high-threat invasive plant species from the arboretum before they have a chance to establish, spread and do harm.

Each trip focuses on removing high-threat invasive plants that, if allowed to spread, would threaten the healthy native forests that are the "sponge" that captures our island's fresh water. By removing invasive plants from the lowlands, we prevent them from "jumping the fenceline" into the native forest communities at higher elevations. As a volunteer, you will help remove incipient, invasive plants that are found only at Lyon Arboretum. Your help will contribute to the long term goal of completely eliminating these species from the island before they have a chance to do harm and become a permanent problem in the island's landscape.

Watch this video to learn more: